AGB Shipping AB is specialized in ship management organization and inspections/audits

AGB Shipping AB was founded by Anders G Boman in 2004 and is specialized in ship management and organization. We offer consultancy in development of maritime commercial organizations, maritime innovations and daily operation of shipping related organizations.

AGB Shipping AB have extensive experience within shipping and especially High Speed Crafts and tanker segment. We hold an extensive competence in rules and regulations in mentioned areas and especially for vessels below 500 GT.

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Our office is located in Amhult, Torslanda and Scandinavia is our primary market but we are available for you worldwide. 

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Our companies

Ecobarge Sweden AB


An Ecobarge is a floating platform. A modular, scalable, mobile pontoon with integrated sustainable technologies for producing and storing energy and water on-or offgrid. Even for charging boats or for cooling fish. Equally suitable in the center of a modern city, at an isolated island, in a rural fishing village or during a crisis.


For cities, communities, fishing villages, resorts and aid organizations, Ecobarge is the service provider with inhouse capability for performing feasibility studies presentable to governments and investors. An international investor reducing use of land, ensuring access to the latest technologies, project financing, jobs and local development. A long-term partner taking on responsibility for maintenance, operation and education. This based on the real needs, ideas and opportunities identified locally and fully in line with a Blue Economy. A scalable, modular platform for education, allowing local communities and entrepreneurs to become the final owner of the means of production.

For the innovator and supplier, Ecobarge is the customer, testbed, integrator, installer, and operator providing orders and opportunities for scaling internationally. Bridging the gap between the suppliers delivered products and solutions and integrated, financed, operational services to end users.

For the investor, Ecobarge is the source of international, scalable “bankable” projects in line with the sustainability goals. At the same time the supplier, contractor, integrator, and operator of finalized mobile plants. A co-investor, taking risks and investing together into less risk mobile infrastructure which can be moved if services no longer needed or interrupted. Providing unbeatable returns on investment through combining Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) mode and Power Purchase Agreements, (PPA) with export credits and ship financing.


Broom IT Sweden AB

BIT-AB is a company which focus on IT consultancy and develop RTS games. It was established autumn 2017.

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